How Shirdi Saibaba blessed a devotee to get married?

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I read this incident given in Sai Samartha Satcharita "The life and teachings of shirdi Sai Baba " the original in marathi by Govid Raghunath Dabholkar - Hemadpant , traslated in english by Zarine.:

Story of Shirdi Saibaba blessings for marriage of Abdul bhai's son:

Abdulbhai was originally a resident of Nanded. But nine or ten years before Maharaj's Samadhi he had come to shirdi to serve him and stayed there . Even after the Samadhi, he took no remuneration and continued to serve only getting clothes and food in return. When Maharaj was in body he had big load of work and he did it with great love.Earlier he stayed in the Chavadi ; and thereafter , near the Dwarakamai.

Even at night, instead of resting, he spent a lot of time reciting the Koran. At home, he had his mother,wife and son ; but leaving them all he was living in Shirdi. His mother and son came to shirdi sometimes.His wife had also come once but he had no attachment for any of them.

His mother was worried about the marriage of his son and she tried to arrange it with one party. But she was bluntly told that as Abdulbhai had become a fakir, they did not wish to give their daughter in marriage into that family.Consequently, the mother came to Shirdi and complained to baba.

Saibaba said : "Be patient and don't be worried.The boy will get a good wife,and the marriage will be fixed by itself."

Ofcourse, everything happened as baba said.Once Abdulbhai's mother and son had gone to some village.They met a gentleman there and he insisted on offering his daughter to them.Some people told him that the boy's father had become a fakir, whereupon he replied : "Even if I become a fakir, there is no problem.I will give my daughter in marriage only to this boy." Accordingly, the marriage was celebrated immediately. This gentleman had an elder daughter of a marriageable age.Her marriage had been already fixed, but there was some time before the marriage was to take place. Yet, without a delay, he got his younger daughter married first, to Abulbhai's son.

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