Do We really Love Sai?

When i made this website as a part of holy feets network in 2007, the caption of this site was "Do we really love Saibaba" ....In the little message below i have wrote why i was tempted to keep such a caption. In june 2009, i felt like having a positive caption for this site. So changed it to "Sai, you are my heart, you are my soul" when ever i join my pam and pray to saibaba in the saibaba temple in our town i used to say this to sainath.

About - Healing Shirdi Saibaba devotees in relationship issues ( is main site )

Starsai is for helping shirdi sai devotees learn sais ways in day to day life :

I am ordinary person ,humble servant of sai living with desires like anyone. There are so many litrature about shirdi sais life and good spiritual articles . Please forgive me if i seem to act too smart honestly discussing matters like love,relationships and marriage which you might not find spiritual. Starsai is all about helping mordern world with desireful devotees of shirdi saibaba understand his ways to make their shradha and saburi stronger.

Not just today but even after 50 or 100 years culture is going to change a lot and people who follow shirdi sai must have someone ordinary,foolish,vulnarable and stupid like me who did nothing in his life for 3 years accept coming around dhuni ( sacred fire ) , sometimes fall in love ( Not now. it was back in 2005 .....i really do it as i want to know if there's one girl in this planet who will loves a man for what he is and not for what he is doing because true love according to me must not have reasons of earthly status.I rewrite this article in june 2009. Now i feel its better to Love Saibaba more .I always pray saibaba to bless me with lots of love for Sai emerging in me...Give me your love Sai. ! ) ,

Between 2005 to 2007 , Sometimes cry to baba, sometimes help other sai devotees in pain and sometimes showered with advice from cousins, friends,parents and sister .The top one amoung the top ten advice will have the following sentence for sure "Venkat , it high time you concentrate in your career ".

Yes i did but i am too egoistic...he he... that's what baba says and i ask for things that baba cant give or he purposely wont give . Do you think i would have tried to help thousands of sai devotees with this particular article if on the same day am working in an editing studio cutting a song or doing photography for national geographic. So baba made me sit like dumb fellow and i also liked it. Who else can get this opportunity to learn, know and serve the worlds No : 1 CEO , my sweet shirdi saibaba.

So finally it became my way of life.Thinking, being and living with Shirdi Saibaba and also figthing with him and crying to him to get me out of this and make me settle down with a career else my parents are not gonna be happy with me.

What do i mean by the caption" Do we really love sai "

I really felt like crying when i read the following words from sai samartha satcharita :

Listen to what sai says to the devotees

"Do not worry at all. I will give you plenty of money. Sit near me with out care.

In this world, everybody has somebody or the other, but nobody belongs to me. Allah and only Allah(God) is mine.

If someone loves me more than life, I need such a person. If such a person gives me something, I give to him a hundred fold".

I can count the number of devotees who come to shirdi only with pure love on sai. You can spot not more than very very few people in a crowd of one lakh. Baba loves your devotion and he "gives". As long as he gives you like him. The moment he allows your bad karma to be washed for which you are supposed to suffer, why is your love on sai fading away ?. The worst part is , i know a girl who stopped coming to sai temple just because things dint worked out as she wished. Its not just in this relationship issue. I know devotees who hurt baba with words when their materialistic benefits in career, business etc is not provided.

I am not against a devotee who gets irritated and fights with sai. Sai is our mother and we have all rights to either show our love or frankly fight with sai but never ever even imagine to stop loving him.

Have you seen the real life photo of Shirdi Saibaba where he leans over the wall and stands. Look at him deeply and think hardly it his wish to give you pains ? . We call him "Sai maharaj " ....We see his statue in Shirdi with silver thrown and golden crown but see this real life photo of baba once and look at how this " Sai Maharaj " really is. Is he having a thrown or a crown ?. He used to sit on a stone. Do you know the what was the stone used for before baba started sitting over it, the stone we prostrate in front of Dwarakamai in Shirdi ?

Before baba made that stone as his asan , it was used by someone to wash clothes and beat the clothes so as to clean it. Philosphically sai would have made it as his Asan to wash our bad karma .Such a humble, sweet, poor saint , whos avatar itself is for helping us , will he ever think bad for us ? Its all our own atmas karma for which we took birth and its our parents good deeds or our big blessing of this birth that we came into sais fold.

Why should we always pray, remember and think about Saibaba of Shirdi just for materialistic benefits ?

Can you please think one day in your life when you shed tears looking at sai baba statue or photo thanking him for taking this avatar.

Where will we run in this forest of worldly desires if Sai has not come as a guide who takes us in the right path ?

Where will we sail in this wild ocean of worldly affairs if baba has not come as a huge wooden plank to rescue us from huge waves and safely take us to the shore ?

What will we do if Shirdi Saibaba is not there to tell our pains ?. How long will our mother, father , friends , sister, brother or even your husband , wife and children listen to you. Imagine how many millions of children this sai listens to every single day.

Did we ever thank him for being there for us ?

Did we ever shed single drop of tears of affection for making us realize the presence of sai ?

Did we ever realize that we are actually following a great saint to whom even the nature obeys. If he commands the rain to stop, immediately the rain stops and if he commands the sky to rain, black clouds rush from no where and showers rain like a blessing.

When such a saint to whom even the nature listens is commanding us to go through the sufferings for the past bad karma we did , then why are we not listening to him ?. Even when i suffer, i take it as sais commands. Infact i have done only what sai asked me to do through visions, words, dreams and other hints .Innocently doing what sai said, i had faced worst pains, been named as psycho and had gone through insults and hurts one cant imagine. Even then i consider my sufferings as a command sai gave me and i took it happily irrespective of my sweet little anger on him once in a while.

Baba has said " "He who carps and cavils at others pierces me in the heart and injures me – but he that suffers and endures pleases me most.". So lets remain under Saibaba's feet and show our love on sai no matter what happens in our life.

Even am praying sai , doing all this childishly but am also suffering for years ..why am i not leaving Sai ? Am i not hugging baba everyday and showing my love for him ? . I just realized no matter what sai does its for my good and its my own karma and bad deeds of this life or past life which has made me suffer .There are few people who are like this whom i consider as a part of StarSai family. Fortunately by blessings of my parents am into sais fold and starsai family has given me wonderful, sweet, affectionate friends and we care for each other like a family.

I thank Sai baba for most affectionate parents who has let me do sais work which no other parent will allow leaving my focus in career or what ever crap this society needs from a man. My parents are worried about me but they know someday i will lead a life as they wish.

Starsai family will grow as a huge banyan tree in the years to come and i always wish to remain in the shade of my affectionate , kind and caring sai friends whom i treasure a lot. Baba i love you and irrespective of all the scoldings i have given you and the fact that you dint helped me do what my parents want from me, i still love you. Atleast i know i really love you baba and i have started to make every single shirdi sai devotee to love you beyond what you give or take.

Baba, my relationship with you is not a business of blessings. Its a bond that has remained intact for several births .You are in my DNA, you are my heart , you are my soul. As you haD said it sai satcharita , you had followed me for 63 generations or 700 years or may be 7000 years. I wish theres no other birth for me and if there is one, i wish you be my guru and i remain your servant.

In the feet of Shirdi Saibaba all my life ,

Aum sri sai ram
C.Venkat Raman

7 : 09 : 2007
Edited on 18th July 2015 but I don't feel like re-writing much.

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Love Sai beyond what he gives and takes.
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