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Shirdi Saibaba blessings for a beautiful and peaceful life Sri Sainathaya Namah Offer all your relationships in the holy feet of Sai Baba.

Shirdi Saibaba devotees experiences and blessings for peaceful married life

I have been writing to Sai Baba devotees for the past 11 years. Sai always wants us to have peaceful and happy relationships but at times, we face problems like Breakup, Misunderstanding, Pain of not getting enough love and also not able to find the right soul mate.

StarSai.net may not solve your problem but it will help you live with confidence, come out of worries, depression and lead a better life.

Om Ganeshaya Namah

Saibaba Will bring Peace in your life :

If You are a Shirdi Saibaba devotee, close your eyes for 10 seconds and say a prayer to Sai. The first thing I want you to do is tell the below words with a fresh, positive feeling in your mind.

"I will live strong internally, keep my mind pure and focus on what can practically happen in my life by grace of Sai"

Once you finish reading below article do a simple prayer imagining Shirdi Saibaba. Surely Saibaba will bring peace in you.

Write to venkat : First go through this website, Think if it helps you in some way to feel the presence of saibaba in you . May be, you must try to forget the past and devote your time more in sai devotion.After you read few articles If you have something to share mail me but don't worry if i didn't reply. I write to saibaba devotees when i have time but now a days I can only pray for your well being as I have lots of other responsibilities in life. All mails are kept confidential.

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This website focuses on relationship issues to help sai devotees divert their mind to Sainath.

Sai devotees and relationships

One of the most important prayers to Shirdi Saibaba is to seek blessings for peaceful relationship and happiness in life. Some devotees pray Saibaba to meet the right life partner or a good friend. Some devotees fall in love believing Sai only showed a guy or a girl. And there are many Saibaba devotees who believe that Sai approved their relationship and involve in everything beyond limit.

Let me clarify this. People change. Human minds changes crores of time every minute. How can you believe that Sai approved your relationship when your karma is to get into a relationship only to end up in seperation and pain. Kindly, think for yourself if Sai is responsible for your decisions in life?

I have myself believed that Saibaba blessed me to meet a girl and later regreted for trusting such a girl who can easily throw me away. So why did Sai made me go through this pain over and over again? Its my Karmic deeds. I must have done some sin to a women in my previous birth and in this birth, I am just paying back.

Why don't Saibaba save us even before we meet someone:

Sai baba does show hints if the person whom we love is nor right for us. Sai tries his best but if our karmic deed is very bad, saints let us experience the relationship, get pained and be with us during our worst phase in life. Saints don't have rights to completely free a devotee from karmic bonds. Some pains are supposed to be experienced.

After several years of pains and experiences, Sai made my heart like a stone. I am able to bear all the past pains and continue to believe Sai will bless me to meet the right girl. Will Sai be happy if I complain him. Rather, I wanted many youngsters today to realize Saibaba's grace on them even when they don't have peace and happiness in their love, relationships and married life.

Have immense faith on Shirdi Saibaba. Your life will be good.

For Sai devotees who are trying to find the right life partner

Indian Matrimony is very strange. Here, parents find right match for their son and daughter based on caste and status. If a Man earns better and ready to do all they expect, then, he is the right guy. Else, they just ask the girl to quit the relationship. It happens both for Indian girls and guys. Parents decide your life partner in most families.
So kindly do not be pained when you breakup since parents are not agreeing. Some are able to marry without parents permission but not all can do this. I know it pains but please keep your mind strong and accept life as it comes. Just make sure, who ever you marry, the guy/girl is really good natured.

Om Sainathaya Namah

At times we have to learn the art of loving Saibaba and Saibaba alone.

Shirdi saibaba blessings for peace and harmony in your family and all relationships you have

Welcome to Shirdi Saibaba's Dwarakamai

Saibaba temple of Humanity - www.starsai.com was launched in 2004 to help people realize that Gods blessing will reach them easily if they learn the art of "Giving" and helping others. After almost 3 years I created Simple website StarSai.net ( 2007 ) to help Saibaba devotees suffering in relationship issues understand that their devotion on saibaba alone is true and divert themselves to show love on saibaba by doing saibaba pooja , offering flowers and lighting lamps. I also request them to do Shradha Saburi Pooja.

This article is re-written in 2015 as now, I have clear understanding of Sai's ways based on my own experience and guiding hundreds of Sai devotees to come out of depression and lead a happy, peaceful life.

Over the years the mails i used to receive expressing pains faced by few Indian women living abroad and in india made me realize that many of us keep sai as our Guru and seek his guidance in relationship issues .I can say that I know little bit about how sai works on our life in these aspects. Trust me. You need faith and patience. Easier said than done. You might loose faith on Saibaba because you might not be able to marry the guy/girl you loved. You may not be able to lead a happy life after marriage. All this shakes your faith but remember Saibaba isn't all about giving you "Happiness".

Saibaba gives you wisdom. He makes you understand life and people. Then, He takes you in his divine path and blesses you to lead a peaceful life.

The goal of starsai.net is to help shirdi saibaba devotees to totally surrender to sais path with firm faith and Love him no matter what he gives or takes from our life.
Click here to learn more about starsai.net and why the caption is "Do we really love sai "

Blessings of Shirdi Saibaba for your love & married life :

If you dont like talking facts about love , relationships and how sai works on our life in these aspects avoid reading this article. I meditated imagining shirdi sai as "Ram" and recited Hanuman Mantra for few minutes looking at a lamp and started to write this. The intention to write this article is because of the experiences i had, being a servant of sai for few years .

If you are a person who has suffered a lot in relationships issues when you are young, before or after marriage,read this and if you find any mistakes please forgive me. Starsai is all about trying to help every kind of sai devotees in pain and as far as i know , many youngsters keep sai as their Guru and guide to help them find their love, help them keep their love , get married - After marriage if any problem araises in family among parents, in-laws or problems in career leading to problem in love life.

I have seen, heared and personally helped quite a few girls and women whom i consider as people sai showed me to help them as much as i can. I myself did mistakes and would have hurted any girl.

Some saibaba devotees write to me about the problems they face .I feel happy some of them are able to come out of their past memories and get married with with better person. Some sai children are stubborn and keep worrying. Trust me. Offer all your relationships in the holy feets of saibaba and be calm. Saibaba will accept your devotion but dont ask for what you think is going to make your life happy. May be, saibaba has a better life for you. So make use of this precious time in showing devotion to saibaba.

My writings have helped thousands of sai devotees to increase their shardha and saburi when they come to Saibaba seeking blessings in love , marriage and other family issues. But initially, you will have pain. I know it pains. Even recently, one of my friend in temple was telling, its hard when someone I love ignores me. If you can't eat and if you can't sleep peacefully, kindly remember the first thing you must ask Saibaba is this

"Sai, make me internally strong.

Sai, Make me free of all past, present and future

Sai, make  me forget all the relationships which hurts me.

Sai, bless my mind to think of you and you alone"

Listen. You might desire to be loved by someone or marry someone but this pain isn't going to take you any where. First write down 10 reasons why you are suffering. Then, take another paper and write 5 reasons why you want to live peacefully.
Let's assume that your desire is not going to be fulfilled. What will you do? You think life is a movie? We are born to suffer and endure this pain. We have to show Saibaba that we can withstand this calamity and still remain under his holy feet.

Just do this. Chant SAI SAI SAI deeply in your heart and imagine you are with Shirdi Saibaba during 1905. Imagine you enter Sai's dwarakamai and offer garland of Jasmine and Roses to him. Can you see Sai. Touch him. Touch his holy feet and request Sai to take care of you. Sai certainly will do it friend.

Dedicated to innocent, good hearted shirdi saibaba devotees :

For years, i had myself faced lots of pains in relationships and everytime i get little hints from baba, dreams , visions etc , i take it as assurance given by sai himself and lead a strange life which no one would ever understand. Mean while, i also had come across few good girls who had shared their relationship problems especially their love life and family problems after marriage with me.Most of them are very sincere sai devotee, good hearted with good habits and have good family values.

In 2005, when i used to listen all about their life and guide them spiritually by asking them to light lamps, give food and clothes to poor, do little good things that might possibly wash away their bad karma.I always had the intention to support people who are seperated from their soul mate. When things dint worked out they get upset with baba and also me because am the poor fellow whom sai has appointed to repeat the golden words

"Don't worry, Sai will help you soon".

Later as experience grows, I started to learn how actually Sai Baba works in his true devotees life and how he rescues us from worst that was to about to happen. These words are inspired by my sweet Guru shirdi saibaba. His leelas cant be explained in words because I am neither good in writing nor do i have concentration like Hamadpant.

 I am ordinary fellow and baba has helped me learn his ways by letting me face my bad karma but still sai was constantly protecting me.This message is just one percent of what this ordinary servant of sai could convert into words , the leelas of sai which could only be understood if you totally surrender to him with body , mind and speech.

Being a Saint like Shirdi Sai Baba

Its not easy to be a saint and not at all to be a saint like shirdi saibaba. He has devotees with various problems in life , who depend on him so innocently and some girls/guys who are deeply involved in sais ways will consider little hints he gives as positive or negative signs to take a decision in their life.

For any Women/Man, deciding their life partner is the most crucial one. After a point of time, when a problem happens in relationship , the first emotion that grows in them is anger on our sai.

Many write me , its sai who gave me this life and united me with this guy/girl but why did it breakup and why gradually am pushed to such a state because of situation.

For few good girls and guys who choose their soul mate keeping shirdi saibaba as their guru and guide :

These words of healing are dedicated to few devotees of shirdi saibaba who pray him with tears , get angry with him and feel depressed due to problems in their relationships. I became a feminist from 2002 after reading the book "Do they hear you when you cry " written by Fouzia .Its a real life story of a Nigerian girl who escapes her country fearing for FGM and lands up in America asking for asylum. The story is about how she suffered in the American jail and few good souls who are founding members of equalitynow.org saved her and gave her a new life.Please read this book. You will know how to value a women in your life. Its sensitive , touching and "gorgeous" if i can use that word.

So these words of Sai is also dedicated to girls / women who pray sai innocently when they are in love or when they marry thinking that they did got positive hints from sai and finally get into problems . Trust me, if i write the real life stories of few indian women who are suffering, it will bring tears to your eyes. Please dont see this article as something that deviates from spirituality. The most common habit in india is hiding things in the name of decency which must be clearly discussed and understood.

The need to relate Shirdi Saibaba with your love life and married life :

Every time someone says that they are looking for guy for their daughter, i pray whole heartedly because studies, career and other things in life can be rewound but if relationships goes wrong, then it creates a wound in our heart. I have asked hundreds of girls i met in saibaba mandhir at my place and various places to light lamps. Now a days, some Men also light lamps which is good and auspicious. Though it will benefit them in their studies and career my deep belief that lighting lamps with devotion will help sai bless them with a kind hearted guy makes me spread a word about lighting lamps to everyone.

In the recent days due to experience , by observing how the people pray, I am able to guess if he/she has a problem in relationships - by giving commitments, life style contradition, unable to satisfy expectations of person involved, financial and career crises which in-turn affecting the relationship, getting attracted to some other person which leads to dilemma, cheating and what not. sometimes even guys have such pains but its women who are not able to come out of it and surrender to sai only after they already get into worst pains.

Don't blame Sai Baba after doing things to satisfy your own needs and desires :

In the fast changing mordern world , our girls who likes to have fun, talk on phone ,communicate on net, feel confident with strangers, Trust friends totally, go out with friends, Have food and everything else which is not good for health , fall in love, and every time they go to saibaba temple and ask for a hint if the guy involved is good, am sure they will get positive hints . ( Guys freakout too but this article is especially to help girls "think" properly and ask for shirdi sais help before they involve in any relationship or take a important decision.)

Gradually when problems happens they blame it on sai...they say .."Baba its you who gave him to me and why are you making me suffer now." I have been helping few of my sai friends and this article is not for those orthodox devotees who think world is as it were in 18th century and they never like to relate shirdi sai with a women's love and married life.

Well, why do we all go to temple? Its just for our own selfish reason -  to study well,to get job, to make money, get the right husband or wife,have children, for health and every thing else....so religion itself gains importance because of our desires and the most common desire being the "love life" , I know almost every single true sai devotee ask him to guide them in their love and married life .

Atleast, when they are happy, they feel its sai who gave them that life but this article is not for those enjoying "happy times" and not at all for those who never get into such problems. Lord Hanuman bless those of you who simply stay away from the worldly relationship affairs and escape the chase of "Maya" . I am only concerned about few good hearted souls who suffer worst pains due to relationship problem.

Why Shirdi Sai gives positive hints when you began the relationship :

It's habit of few highly devoted shirdi saibaba followers to ask him for hints like using "answer book", writing chit, few good incidents, getting a photo, happening of good event, little things like flowers falling down from statue etc when they pray sai . Mostly , in relationships baba seems to give positive hints confirming that the guy involved is good , is chosen by sai for you and he will keep you happily and marry you. I write this after hearing and helping several people in their love life. Every one used to say the same thing to me .

"Baba only gave that guy/girl to me , then why did he leave me and why baba cant help when am suffering like this ? "

I used to convince them but it will only remain odd conversation on phone with very good hearted innocent sai friends. Will i be able to get back their lost love and if someone reading this asks me if its really such a pain. Let me tell you one thing. The pain that comes in a heart that is experiencing problem because of the person they love, seperation, betrayal etc is one of the worst pain of all. Trust me , its unbearable. I have gone through it and had helped few good sai friends to get healed.

People suffer in relationships at heart, the way disease like cancer can bring pain to body.
Girls even get so depressed that they try to commit ................. but they wont have guts or bravery to do it and few have done it too. I have run to help few girls who are in pain and i also know guys who cry sitting alone in room thinking about the girl they love. I am not an exception.

As they say, experience counts when you serve a saint and may be sai gave me desires, he dint fulfill my desires and made me sit like this writing to you because thats what sai wants from me - To help and guide other young hearts to have more patience, be careful , be more faithful to sai and go in his path even when things doesn't seem to work out.

The philosophy of "Pay Back your past life's bad karma" :

Ok let me explain it clearly now. Is it Saibaba's intention to first give you positive signs and let you suffer when the relationship turns from sweet to bitter. Why did sai seem to support your relationships when it all started .The reason is simple.

Baba has said this " Unless there is some relationship or connection, nobody goes anywhere. If any men or creatures come to you, do not discourteously drive them away, but receive them well and treat them with due respect. "

Who are these people whom you get attracted to , fall in love and suffer ?

Do you think others doesn't deserve your attention. Why is it that am in love with a purticular girl and that purticular girl is in love with some other guy. .Why sai first makes you meet a man , fall in love with him, marry him and at-last your life gets worse and you are forced to divorce him. The reason is simple.

we are born to "Pay back" what we got in our previous birth. May be, I would have cheated the same girl in my previous births life and thats why am suffering now.

Sometimes the Girl innocently marries someone , has a child but later she realizes the guy is actually phycho and he torches her everyday . Finally, she has to divorce him. Now why din't Sai Baba protected her before hand is the question that araises. The reason is, she would have done harm to someone in her previous birth and now its her duty to "Pay back". I mean shes suffering , accepting punishment for the sins thats done by her atma in some birth she took. Though shes not responsible for that , its her karma to go through it. Now baba would have helped her before hand but that needs total surrender to Sai.

That's why i ask every girl i meet to light lamps.When you regularly light lamps with pure love on God, it will help you atleast get a very small hint if the decision you take is right or not. Lighting lamps is just one aspect but total devotion to sai means giving up your desires, keeping away your passion and humbly requesting sai for guidance which would have saved the girl from such a worse situation in life.

Why did sai let you go through all these stages of love?

2.Talking and understanding,few incidents
3.Proposing,Loving, spending time togather, roaming, the most common activity of talking in phone
4.Getting married . some do it with ashirwad of parents and some opposes parents and marry
5.Finally in few months or years the relationship turns bitter and ends in separation or divorce.
Remember you would have been a shirdi sai devotee in all these stages or some learn about sai because of the girl or guy involved....

Most of the time, i only see girls who say , sai gave them positive hints that the guy who has proposed them or whom they like is good and that he will bless them with good married life but after few weeks or months everything changes and they face the worst possible pain.
I myself have faced worst pains for years and very few of my close shirdi sai friends knows why i am like this and what made me conclude that only baba must chosen the girl of my life .

I myself have suffered a lot because sometimes if i like a girl , i will pray baba and when baba comes in dream and says something i believe it whole heatedly. I am too soft and sensitive for deciding things on my own but sai has helped me especially from march 2007 through dreams .I never ever had got help from sai to this extent. One of the reason i am writing this article now is because from may to june 2007 , i had cried every single day hugging baba photo. Then i gradually understood i am supposed to be calm and somehow diverted my mind .

When I re-write this article in 2015, I am smiling though I am worried as Sai din't blessed me with the right soul mate yet. Its OK. My Life belongs to Saibaba and let him do what's good for me. You can also be like me friends. Do not spoil your life for one person. Think about happiness in a different perspective.

 There's no rule that you will certainly be happy if you marry the one you love. I agree. You might be but situations changes us. So be strong internally and believe that your life can be good even if your desire is not fulfilled.

May be, Sai has better plans for you. Do you know Sai likes you?

Since he likes you and cares for you, he made you read this article today.

Believing in Saibaba even when his words didn't came true

Even now, I am not able to understand why the hell i am molded by sai like this. Why am i innocently asking baba to give me hints, come in dream and help me and if he does, am wondering why what he says in dream is in contradictory to reality. One thing I know baba loves about me is that if he says something, I will follow it untill I die. I will behave in real life the way he guides me in words, vision and dream. But the world is not as good as sai thinks ....Reality hurts me to the core.

Since i consider every single word , vision and dream of Saibaba as his promise and assurance, it had lead me to worst possible pains and in the end I had offered my hairs in temple to Lord Murugan feeling why the hell baba said something ,I acted only as per sais assurance but i am treated like a fool and am only sitting and crying hugging baba photo.

When I think hardly , I understood the basic fact that I would have done a bad thing to the girl involved in my previous birth ...may be thats why am unnecessarily getting attracted to her and suffering myself and also disturb the girl.

Accept pains in love, relationships and married life as a way of washing your sins and move on with your life:

It could be the same in your life too. Please don't think baba dint helped you. Baba and all pure saints act as per dharma and they have to let you go throw your "Pay back" phase in life only after which you will get wisdom and with wisdom comes the gift of sai. They will help you for sure but if your karma is so bad then it wont let you take a devotional path that easily. That's why baba says " surrender all your senses and just say my name sai sai sai and i shall take you over the seven seas" ....what does Sai mean by this seven seas?

Its the pains and suffering you are facing now. Had you and i remembered sai , sai and sai alone with out giving space to our sensory needs then surely baba would have got a chance to protect us.

So far so good. Ok leave the past. Atleast now we are in sais fold and lets be totally devoted to him, read sai satcharita regularly, light candles or lamps ,offer garland to sai, humbly prostrate before him , ask him to forgive us for our past mistakes and guide us, show us a light from this very minute.

I pray my sweet shirdi saibaba to bless each and every one of you who reads this article with a good positive change in your life if you have totally surrendered to Shirdi Saibaba's feet.

Now lets analyse where problems starts in love life ?

Some times it starts in meeting itself.....sometimes its in understanding stage and mostly the problems starts after proposal ,after understanding the 2 are in love. Thats when few incidents might have happened, family situation comes across, because of Maya and bad habits some diviate from true love and go to another person,some listen to their parents and leave the girl ( this is worst of all sins ) , some think its better to live freely to retain their license of chosing a better person, some doesn't like the person involved after they proposed, so they try to split .Thus various problems happens in stage three..

I get mails from my sai friends and i guide them someway. But am ordinary person. I can't do miracles. I can only remain as a good sai friend or brother for you and analyse your problem and say something to my knowledge and understanding of sai but sai alone knows if what i say is right or wrong.

Value the men and women in your life :

I also get mails from few very matured Sai friends in their late 30s and early 40s when they already have kids. They say how cruelly their husband/wife left them, asking for divorce as he/she is attracted to some other women/men. These sai friends are really hardworking, they go for work, take care of their children and also spend their time showing devotion to sai.
See how cruel the world is?

People are ready to throw away affectionate husband/wife and children as they are blindly going behind new life because of lust , money and what not.

I can't say few real life stories here as i keep all my sai friends conversation with me very personally but i want to help at-least 5 % of sai devotees who after reading this message will understand its a gift of Gods blessings to get a good hearted wife , good hearted husband and nice peaceful family. Please do not throw away the life saibaba gave you. Its only one life we live here and we are going to pay back for every bad deed we did either in this or next life.

Respect the Women in your life

When I listen to stories like this, wont i feel, i must do the little i can to create awareness to shirdi saibaba devotees to "Value" a women , "Value" their children and be contented with whom sai blessed you with. Do not hurt any one. Thats why i write this article. How can i make a change in innocent sai devotees who after everything is over ask me if anything can be done. No matter at which stage someone writes to me my only reply will be "Light lamps regularly", completely surrender to sai, dont stick to your desires , try to divert your mind in good books and career etc.
Finally , let me confirm one thing I learned about sai's ways .You like to hear this or not...

"Sai won't do much when you are supposed to face few hardships, fall in trap, suffer the worst so as to "Pay back" your past births bad karma."

When you are in such situation, if you remember Sai, he will hold your palm tight and show you the right path.

Sai gave you positive hints in the starting stage of your relationships because he knows you are supposed to go through the relationship, suffer the worst and the best part about being completely devoted to sai no matter what sai does is that, suddenly someday sai will give you a incident, a vision or a dream and pull you out of pains......then remains sai's gift for you in the next few months. I know for some people life cant be rewound but if you totally surrender to sai's feet and show your devotion whole heartedly sai is there to keep you in his own lap as a child and bless you with a beautiful life ahead.

I know how it pains when you are in love

The one who can serve shirdi saibaba is the one who suffered enough.Of course i suffered because of my desires and foolish, childish mistakes i did but sai alone knows how much i had gone through for the past several years. Especially, when i faced lots of pains due to few involved in my life. In from 2005 to 2007, I used to come around Dhuni - Sacred fire of Sai in Saibaba temple. Many devotees who see me regularly asks me how I am not interested in career and simply coming around dhuni and give photos and just lead a life as i like .

(In 2015, when I re-write this article, I still have memories of past and how I sincerely used to do little I can do bring happiness in many people by doing little Seva.)

The reason is i am fed up with life and what i had gone through made me feel blunt . I sometimes have unnecessary desires even now .In any case I know the pains I had gone through because of my own mistakes and the girls in my life. I had cried for days togather, hugged saibaba photo and spoke to him, cried to sai ,beat myself and even been named as phycho. For someone so soft , sensitive ,  I don't know how even after all these experiences, am still living with desires . Shouldn't i say " OK Venkat, its better we live remembering sai alone" ...No. I  am not able to get to that point.

Since I know how much it pains at heart when a problem happens in love or married life, I wanted to write this. Please forgive me if i had done anything wrong.I just want to help few girls/guys who pray sai to take proper steps right from the moment they visited StarSai.

Please be careful and don't hurt yourself for what is happening in your life. I wont assure anything because am as ordinary as you are but all i can assure is Shirdi saibaba will bless you with a good beautiful peaceful married life if you have patience and surrender to him completely.

Listen to your Mother's and Father's advice :

When you read this, am sure you will relate to how much you suffered because of the person you trusted, loved or because of your own little mistakes. Most youngsters even ignore their parents warning .Parents are not always right but mostly Baba uses mothers advice to convey his message. So don't hurry to run in the cool breeze of love. After few months , you will realize the breeze has become twisters or hurricanes at which time you will face worst pains even to tell your parents that you are suffering.

Don't live falsely for outward image - live truly for your own pleasure :

"Prestige" issue is the best of our indian culture. I have seen n number of families where their daughter will be suffering with her husband due to dowry or any dam problems but her parents will show their teeth and say all their relatives that their daughter is happy. Even in cities , there are such cruel heartless parents who just want to show off that their daughter is happy even if the truth is other wise.

Commitments and Decisions :

When you are in love, try to continue the relationship only if you think the guy or girl involved is really going to take care of you all life. Don't remain silent or ignore your soul mates mistakes . Some times you will love the guy or girl so much that you are forced to adjust no matter how they behave in few issues. Dont leave it and remain calm. Thats why they say love is blind. Even if you find a small uneasy conversation or behaviour , do not get angry but remain soft and discuss clearly and get assurance that it wont happen again. Most girls choose to remain calm but silence wont help much.

It's better to talk openly about weakness than spending hours on phone discussing odd stuff. Romance is part of life but it wont give you peace in the long run. The more you get a deep fear if the guy involved is not as you wish, better talk to him about your expectations, give him some time to change and surrender to sai. Don't follow men and listen to their affectionate blackmails that you had once commited. Remember , your final commitment happens on your wedding day.

Until that moment , you are free and you have time to take any decisions irrespective of what you spoke or did before. I must also say please dont do a sin because of your own selfish reason. I know a girl who switched from one guy to another for little mistake he did. Try to take soft decisions and best way to seek sais help while taking decisions is to read sai satcharita at-least once or few chapters and pray him whole heartedly to guide you.

Ask sai to create incidents in next few days which will help you understand if the person involved is really good or not.

Be careful . Some decisions can be named as sin :

I know a girl who has agreed for marriage , marriage hall was arranged , finally she met the guy for first time, she was not convinced with his looks . so she quit the marriage. The guy was already in love with her like crazy. Now i won't say it's a sin because its better the girl told she don't want to live with the guy she doesn't like . At the same time, it adds up to her bad karma.
someday, she might have to face similar situation.

When you are in love with a guy or a girl, if you have given commitments try to act carefully. Make sure all gains equally . If you feel your breakup is going to bring good life to the person involved, its not a sin but in any case,its better to surrender to sai and ask his advice. Baba will only give you someone who will match your attitudes of every aspect in life.Its your responsibility to wait untill baba gives and dont test sais powers by asking him why he let you suffer.

Shirdi saibaba will surely bless you with good soul mate :

Sai is a saint who supported in Shiva-Sakthi concept and he always blessed his true devotees with good life partner. Sai is like Lord  Sri Venkateshwara who showers his devotees with materialistic benefits and there by increase their faith and bring them to spiritual path. sai knows atleast if he fulfills their desires, people will lead a good spiritual life. So even for spiritually inclined people, sai has a plan of good married life.

Why are you suffering for a long time?

In some Sai devotees life, it takes long time for sai to really bring peace. " washing away the karma " is one of the main aspects of Shirdi Saibaba's nature which is why few sai devotees suffer for years togather though they love sai as a part of their family. Lets say baba has a prasad ( gift ) for you. Your hands are dirty . What will happen if he gives you the prasad. You will eat the prasad along with dirt which might be harmful for your health.

Here the "Dirt" is the bad karma of your previous birth, this birth or that of your ancestors. You have to go through sufferings even in relationships and only then can sai bless you with the real good prasad.

Thats why i always ask people who are about to take love or marriage decisions to take time , have patience and decide. May be baba has someone else in store for you...May be baba has shown you that someone else whom you ignored based on their status or looks or what ever but sai knows who is true and who really loves you.

Misunderstanding, ego, status, family problems and more :

I know how misunderstanding and problems in love or married life will hurt your heart. I have gone through it myself .so i feel this article is the little i can do to console and heal the pains in your heart. Words have power to heal and i hope these words brings light in your eyes and makes your heart feel "light".

My mistakes and ever forgiving sai :

Honestly, as of now, I am not pure and really wonder if I deserve to call myself as servant of sai. I listen to music, make fun with good friends and the best part ...yes. I do get attracted to girls ( not all of them .If i find a girl who seems to be very good at heart and loves sai as much as i do, I am not able to ignore her ). so am just a normal guy who loves sai , loves to work for him ,sai himself has assigned few works for me ...even then i am not perfect. Today morning i got a dream of Lord Ganesha and Lord Murugan. I have a habit of hugging sai satcharita book while i sleep. As soon a i woke up i opened sai satcharita and read the following "

Baba's Humility

Lord or Bhagwan is said to have six qualities, viz. (1) Fame, (2) Wealth, (3) Non-attachment, (4) Knowledge, (5) Grandeur, and (6) Generosity. Baba had all these in Him. He incarnated in flesh for the sake of the Bhaktas. Wonderful was His grace and kindness! He drew the devotees to Him, or how else one could have known Him!

Though Baba seemed outwardly to enjoy sense-objects, he had not the least flavour in them, nor even the consciousness of enjoying them. Though He ate, he had no taste and though He saw, He never felt any interest in what He saw. Regarding passion, He was as perfect a celibate as Hanuman. He was not attached to anything. He was pure consciousness, the resting place of desire, anger, and other feelings. In short, He was disinterested, free and perfect.

The words to remember here is

"Though He saw, He never felt any interest in what He saw "

Baba never discouraged his devotees from enjoying beauty. He only wants us not to give space to any evil thoughts. sometimes falling in love with someone without thinking deeply if our life will be good with that person is also a evil thought because i have seen men and women get attracted, love each other so much, there wont be a day they dont speak on phone, they get married and finally they realize they cant live togather any longer. I know girls who pray sai with worst pains in their heart. some girls get pressure both from parents and lover/ husband or his family. In the mean while , they keep on praying sai, doing pooja, lighting lamps and reading sai satcharita. The only mistake they would have done is deciding too fastly in choosing the right guy.

How mind works when you are in love :

When you are in love, you are happily thinking, day dreaming, roaming around, commicating, missing and doing other stuff for your studies or career but sai loves you so much that he wants you to realize if the person you love is really going to keep happily or not.

Sai once says to a devotee" I look at him every minute even when he doesnt remember me.... I have been watching him for 700 years " such is sais love.

Even when we as child think that we are happy at present sai as our affectionate mother takes responsibilty to show us whats good for us and whats not. So sai himself creates few incidents to help you understand if the person you love is really honest and if he will keep you happily all life.

But when you are in love, its hard to even look back and think hard no matter how much sai helps you. Thats why i have launched starsai.net , especially to help young shirdi saibabas devotees to be alert , be whole heartedly devoted to sai and seek his guidance.

My prayers to shirdi saibaba to bring you peace and harmony in your love and married life :

After you read this article take few points which you think will suit your life. I have wrote this generally to help you but personally each one of you will have different problem.I sincerely pray our guru shirdi saibaba to bless you with peace and happiness in your life.

I like to know real life incidents , experiences and leela of how shirdi saibaba helped his devotees in their love life and married life.Please write to me if you like to share. Sometimes i get mails from sai devotees who become my sai friends. These people are mostly the one who are suffering in life.

Saibaba's advice for couples facing Caste problem , Parents acceptance :

Sai Baba has always worked to unite people in different religion and caste.During his days in shirdi, Baba has blessed few girls and men to get married with the right person. Irrespective of what your parents say, please remember baba loves when your parents are respected. So respect your parents at the same time gradually help them understand their acceptance is important for you. Never scold or hurt elders.If you don't like others, just keep away and remain silent.

I am really surprised with the number of mails I get from youngsters that their parents are not accepting for marriage with the girl or guy they love. The main reason being different caste / religion. Their parents are also baba devotees for long. If their children says that Baba says one must not see difference of religion or caste, the parents are telling, baba also says that you must not disobey parents.Sometimes your parents advice could be right too.

Dear sai friends, Please don't be angry with anyone for the pains you are facing. Don't specifically ask baba"Help me get married with this guy or this girl ".

The way to pray baba is this

"Baba , You know my heart, You know who will keep me peacefully all my life, if its the girl or guy I love at present, then please bless me with him/her or please show me a way in life. Bless me to live with better inner strength"

Saibaba alone knows who's made for you and who will keep you happily :

I know how much heart pains when people in love are sepearated because of reasons one can't imagine. Baba will show you a way but you must accept what ever way he shows you irrespective of it giving you pains or pleasure. Never think only the girl or guy you love now alone can keep you happily. Only baba knows who is made for whom.If your fate is to marry someone you love and suffer after marriage , how can baba bless you with that person. How can a girl live in a family where the guys mother is not comfortable with her son marrying her. So when you pray to Sai baba , please remember, he knows your past, present and also FUTURE.

Instead of sticking to our desires, please chant sai sai sai...always remember sai and show your devotion to him, and ask him to guide you properly in life.My only request to both girls and guys is that Never say "Yes" to any alliance just because the person is earning a lot and well settled in life. I have heared about numerous girls accepting a guy just because he is well settled and in the end suffer to core. Baba will show you everything.Some will give importance to money and some for affection. Choose the one who gives importance for affection. This will be blessing in itself.

Divorce issues and pains after marriage :

In the past two years, i have learnt from life of few sai devotees that they trust a guy and marry and later after few months or years they find the guy looses interest in them and hurts them leading to divorce.The painful fact is that their child will be kept with the guys family. Being a sensitive person ,i was thinking how can a sai devotee suffer to this extent.May be i must do something to avoid a girl to come to this extent.Thats why baba gave me a spark to make this site.

Why did i make this site especially for youngsters seeking guidance to shirdi saibaba in relationship issues ?

Its just to avoid the pains after marriage. Atleast for a country like India, marriage is closely associated with family values and self respect of elders in family. How can baba help you if you run behind your desires alone.

When Shirdi Saibaba is not "Giving" you the person you love ,you can take it in two ways.

1.May be for the time being you are supposed to pay back your past bad karma ..so you are suffering and later something good will happen

2.May be Sai Baba knows that the girl or guy you love might change after marriage. This is not true in all cases but people who divorce know the pains they are facing.

I kindly request few orthodox sai devotees to take this website as an effort to prevent worst pains that youngsters might face getting married with wrong person. I also faced pains in relationship issues and thats one of the reason i started coming around dhuni for hours togather for several years in baba temple.Trust me the sacred fire "Dhuni" of baba is so powerful. I am a ordinary person and though i face pains in my personal and professional life, i feel good atleast for helping other sai devotees in pain.

All i know is my sai is guiding me do this as he care deeply for the one who reads this article....

50 days remembering Sai Sai Sai - Dwarakamai of Baba is in your heart :

You can't come to this site if Sai doens't love you. Saibaba wants you to take proper decision. Seek for guidance keeping away your desires and surrender to him whole heartedly. Trust me..Atleast for 50 days from today remember Sai sai sai...where ever you go, what ever you do...Internally in your heart remember theres a Dwarakamai , theres a beautiful Dhuni glowing and saibaba is living there......He is with in you....He is going to bless you with lots of peace and happiness .

All it takes is "remembering" sai sai sai....

If you think you must share your pains or problem with me , please feel free to mail me at


I will reply when I have time or I might not as I will simply do a humble prayer for you. For Gods, sake do not create IDs just to mail me. I pray for Sai children who frankly write me. Obviously, all the mails are kept confidential. Remember, I am as ordinary as you. so all you can expect is a friendly reply as a brother. I have listed few ways i used to help children of sai in pain....Please follow them and feel free to write to me.

C.Venkat Raman

Edited on - 18/7/2015

( my attitudes and way i understood Sai  could change after this date due to more experiences . Please forgive me if i had done any mistakes in this article. As i said earliar, am after all a ordinary little servant of shirdi saibaba. Article was first written on 7 : 09 : 2007, then on 18:10:2007  and again on  18/7/2015)

Om Sai Ram


Faith is precious wealth every Sai devotee must possess. You will be blessed if you have lots of Faith on Baba.


Patience is like an eye for Sai devotee. You can't see Sai without patience. Hold on few more days. Your life will be good.

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